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Black and white concrete chess set on acid stained concrete chess board. Set is model from 14th century german chess set and is similar to isle of lewis set.


We make and ship several products when we have a few hours of downtime, extra material, or receive a custom order. We are also working on an assemble yourself outdoor kitchen package. If you are interested in a beta model please reach out to us.

Acid stained concrete chess board
Gloss black concrete and steel audio component console table
custom water cooler. reclaimed mahogany frame, antique galvanized panels, concrete top and glass carboy. Made from a new but damaged watercooler.
14th century German chess set replica in white concrete. Similar to Isle of Mann chess set
Hand made pottery vessel sink, made by our friend "Tad the Potter"
Black concrete medieval chess set replica, on acid stained concrete board
Light gray concrete vessel sink on modern style console. bohemian farmhouse style home
Concrete coffee table on fabricated steel legs
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